I'm George Dragandjikov and I developed Power Age Sky Simulator between 1995 and 2003 (1995-1998 – version 1, 1998-2000 – version 2, 2000-2001 – version 3, 2001-2003 – version 4).
Power Age Sky Simulator wasn't available for downloading and purchasing for many years. That is because I was busy with other software projects and some how developing and supporting Power Age was out of my capability to take care. The important thing is that it's available now and it's free.
For its time Power Age Sky Simulator was one of the best complex planetarium programs available. As I remember, during the development process my major intention always was to make an useful software for astronomy enthusiasts. Not to be bright, not to be glittering, but useful and with respect to those who love astronomy. To those like me. I'm sure it still could be useful and to be preferable in many aspects.
There's nothing new in the current version. It is the last version 4 and for first time it is available for free.


"I have no complaints about the program's behavior - it never crashed, I never experienced any mysterious glitches, and the interface is rock solid. I am impressed by the programmer's skill and the stability of the software"
              Jeff Medkeff, Sky&Telescope, June 2002



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