Objects in Power Age Sky Simulator 4
Stars. As a major base for stars is used the GSC-ACT catalog. It contains about 19 million objects (up to magnitude 15).
Major planets;
Satellites of Jupiter and Saturn. Much extensive tools are available concerning the satellites of these two planets. You can see screenshots in the Screenshots section;
Comets and asteroids. Power Age Sky Simulator operates with comets and asteroids. You can download the latest data sets from the Downloads section.
Deep Sky Objects. Power Age Sky Simulator 4 uses the Wolfgang Steinicke's corrected NGC/IC catalog as primary source for deep sky objects. The catalog is from January 27, 2003. It contains entries for exactly 14,000 objects.

Four main types of view !
Power Age Sky Simulator has four different sky presentation views :
Standard View - standard well looking multicolor presentation of sky;
True View - a very close approximation of the real sky;
Red View - the sky in black and red colors;
Black&White View - multicolor presentation of the sky (the default);
See samples in the
Screenshots section.

Telescope Control
Telescope control is one of the new features in Power Age Sky Simulator 4. It is implemented by ASCOM (Astronomy Common Object Model) technology. You need to install the ASCOM Platform on your computer if you want to use the telescope control feature. The original ASCOM installer is part of Power Age Sky Simulator 4 installer. 

Print sky charts
Printing charts is very extensive feature in Power Age Sky Simulator. Actually you can print exactly what you see on the chart window. Also you can do color and black&white charts. Print preview is available. Any visible celestial element can be customized (see Colors & Fonts below).

Power Age Sky Simulator 4 can do ephemerides for all solar system objects for any desired period of time, in the past or in the future. You can customize the tables of the ephemerides - columns and number of entries. Also you can view, print and save results in text files (*.txt).

Colors & Fonts
One of the sweet feature of Power Age Sky Simulator is the capability to change colors and fonts of all celestial elements in any view (Standard, True, Red and Black&White) as well as when printing charts. Actually, you can fully customize the look of your Power Age (and of your Power Age sky charts, of course).


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